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Technology titles & performance reviews

At TIM in 2012 we specified our titles and promotion path for members of the Technology team, which was later adopted by other parts of the company. The criteria for promotion was the scope of impact and there was a direct mapping of titles to perceived scope of impact. I’m […]

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Pods – a Step Towards Self Management

Managers are the people everybody loves to hate, but there are things a good manager will do which will hugely benefit those who report to them. About a year ago, the technology department at TIM Group started an experiment to flatten its organisational structure by making everyone self managed – […]

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What I learned about self-organisation

I learned a number of things at Olaf Lewitz and Adam Pearson’s course ‘Enabling Self-Organisation: Getting Macro Results without Micromanaging‘. I think my biggest a-ha moment was that self-organisation is not something that you do to others, it is something that you do to yourself. The course focussed on a […]

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