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Maintaining Play Framework 2.0.x with Select Backports from 2.1.x

tl;dr – Our fork of Play 2.0.x with select backports from 2.1.x is available here (pre-built packages here). Overall, we’ve had a great experience at TIM Group (f/k/a youDevise) developing new applications for the financial world using the Play Framework in Scala. It has allowed us to rapidly iterate new products, without sacrificing […]

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How to Enrich ScalaQuery with Nested Sessions and Transactions

Recently, we wrote an integration test in a Play Framework application using ScalaQuery which failed in a way that surprised us: we had misunderstood the library’s interface for database sessions and transactions. It turns out that nested usage of #withSession / #withTransaction are not supported by ScalaQuery 0.10.0-M1 out of the box. […]

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TIM Group Scala Dojo

TIM Group hosts a monthly Scala Dojo as part of the London Scala Users’ Group on Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/london-scala). The dojo is free to attend with drinks and pizza provided to the participants. The dojo always takes place on the third Thursday of the month in the TIM Group London offices. […]

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