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Maintaining Play Framework 2.0.x with Select Backports from 2.1.x

tl;dr – Our fork of Play 2.0.x with select backports from 2.1.x is available here (pre-built packages here). Overall, we’ve had a great experience at TIM Group (f/k/a youDevise) developing new applications for the financial world using the Play Framework in Scala. It has allowed us to rapidly iterate new products, without sacrificing […]

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How to Enrich ScalaQuery with Nested Sessions and Transactions

Recently, we wrote an integration test in a Play Framework application using ScalaQuery which failed in a way that surprised us: we had misunderstood the library’s interface for database sessions and transactions. It turns out that nested usage of #withSession / #withTransaction are not supported by ScalaQuery 0.10.0-M1 out of the box. […]

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