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Fieldwork: Teaching Javascript

Three developers are working together on a single computer. Another developer is across the table at his own computer. The three working together are taking part in a hands-on learning session as part of the front-end working group. The man standing (Tony Tsui) is leading the learning exercise. The woman […]

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Fieldwork: Values

A laminated card. The card lists out various things that individuals use to guide their decisions and interactions on a day to day basis. These cards are found throughout the office: on desks and in meeting rooms. I often find myself, and see others, picking up the card during discussions […]

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Doing Fieldwork in TIM Group

How do you get a sense of the culture of a place? This is the question that Joe Schmetzer and I were contemplating at our fortnightly morning ‘get together’ where we mentor and coach each other. We’d been discussing the idea for several meetings by this point, but this time […]

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