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Lightning Talks Are Go!

More lightning talks goodness today: Andy talked about how our calculation framework relates to map/reduce Joel talked about alternative ways we could express calculations Jason showed us that XSL has cool dispatch ability I blabbed on about JProbe I didn’t know what people were talking about before, and it was […]

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There is always more than one way

This is a follow-up of sorts on my post on checked Exceptions in Java. The Apocalisp blog has an interesting series (part 1, 2, and 3) on using a functional programming style for your exception handling in Java. The series ends in actually removing Exceptions entirely from the majority of […]

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Who ya gonna call and what ya gonna call it?

So, this is my last planned post on antipatterns, but it was this antipattern that sparked me into writing the mini-series in the first place. It all started with Ryan and I doing some work on Idea Group Rules a few weeks back. We dived in a little, and suddenly […]

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