Author: Paulo Schneider

How to start a code dojo

Ivan, one of our guests in a previous code dojo, wrote an insightful post on how to start a code dojo. It is worth a read.

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Continuous Integration – a new hope?

To say we’ve customised CruiseControl for our continuous integration process is an understatement. And to say that keeping our CruiseControl scheme running smoothly is a tiring endeavor is a major understatement. To be fair, CC enabled us to grow as we needed, so we kept tweaking and adding new stuff. […]

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Source control woes

One of my Dev Services task this week was to investigate alternative source control systems to replace the aging CVS. Although the original plan was to move to SVN, it was decided to play around with a few distributed source control systems such as Git, Mercurial and Darcs. The main […]

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