Author: Mehul Shah

Problems with Javascript observing dom:loaded and IE7

We recently came across a nasty IE7 problem where the browser sometimes doesn’t fire the page-finished-loading event properly, which led to a misleading failure in our Selenium continuous-integration tests. Just thought I’d let you all know…. (Thanks to Ben Gidley for describing the problem and the workaround.)

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Pair Rotation

I recently conducted an open session on rotating pairs at XP Day. During the discussion there was mention of Arlo Belshee who conducted an experiment on rotating pairs. In the experiment, Arlo found that rapidly exchanging partners was an extremely quick way to: Produce features Catch defects fast There was […]

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Real Options

I recently attended XP day where I participated in an open space on Real Options. Real Options is about “deferring decisions to the last responsible moment”. By avoiding early commitments, you gain the flexibility in the choices you have later. Real Options give you more time to gather more information […]

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