Author: Julian Kelsey

Doing things the old way

We’ve been talking recently about why we get stuck in processes that no longer serve our needs even though they were the right thing when we started. There were a few things that came up: tests written in particular ways, particular sign-offs in our development cycle, the idea that we […]

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Design Perfume – The sweet smells of quality

Bob Martin wrote about smells that are signs of bad designs. While it’s convenient to have a vocabulary to describe problems, that’s only part of the picture if we want better designs. With a vocabulary for good designs we can more easily identify the strengths in our work and build […]

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Bad uses of Template Method

Template Method is one of the original GoF patterns – an obvious way to use inheritance to share functionality, but I’d hazard it’s more risk than it’s worth. Here’s an stripped-down example (in pseudocode): class A { util() { return true } algo() { if (util()) { /* do some […]

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