Author: Andrew Parker

Smart Collections

Collections are all too often seen as simple bags full of some particular type of objects. These collections are then at the mercy of their clients. They get taken apart, have elements added and removed, iterated over, and just plain trampled upon. They are given no responsibility of their own. […]

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Code Dojo VI

We held our 6th code dojo a few weeks ago and this time we decided to break the pattern and try something different. There are two documented types of code dojo. Prepared Kata where a presenter takes the participants through a worked solution to a problem. We’ve never tried this […]

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Red->Green->Refactor to the rescue

Imagine yourself in the following scenario, it shouldn’t be hard. You have been given a task to accomplish. To accomplish this task you realize that you are going to have to enter into (or at least look at) a piece of code that has been boarded up and labelled with […]

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