What I learned about self-organisation

I learned a number of things at Olaf Lewitz and Adam Pearson’s course ‘Enabling Self-Organisation: Getting Macro Results without Micromanaging‘. I think my biggest a-ha moment was that self-organisation is not something that you do to others, it is something that you do to yourself.

The course focussed on a few simple techniques to help each of us be better able to self-organise. The first is a simple system to train into yourself for evaluating the situation you are in (feel, think, act). The second is a structure to use for actively listening where you fit what you want to reflect back to someone in a conversation structured as “you feel X because Y”.

My experiences with self-organisation at TIM Group has taught me that it starts with myself. From there it expands into how I interact with others. These two systems that I got from the course will make it more likely that I’ll have effective interactions and expand self-organisation in the group.