Kik, left-pad… Should I stop using npm?

TL;DR: No, unless you make npm packages. If you do publish npm packages think about how the disputes are resolved and decide if you are OK with it.

I started using npm a few years ago in our build system. My CTO and his deputy today told me that means it is in production. I thought it was not, but on second thought I think they are right since it decides what code is in the production artefacts.

A few days ago, while I was on holiday, two of my colleagues investigated a problem with npm regarding some dependencies that may contain malicious code. I’m the one who used it first. I felt responsible.

I read about the issue on GitHub and I was more worried: npm allowing reuse of names meant that it was unsafe to use it. Due to my decision to adopt npm more and more projects in the company depend on that, was I responsible for us disseminating malware?

How did you feel at that time? Had you done your due diligence on npm? I felt I had not.

Or did I? After all, what is the difference between npm, Maven and GitHub? Don’t they all allow you to download some code identified by a name and a version number?

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