Month: June 2013

Scenario testing for infrastructures

Recent advancements have allowed us to provision an entire environment with a single command. The next major challenge facing us is how to perform updates to environments, this gives rise to an additional set of challenges (and constraints) for our automated provisioning system. We’re working towards a provisioning system that […]

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Exported Resources Considered Harmful

Our infrastructure automation is driven by Puppet, so this post is mainly going to talk about Puppet – however the key problem we have (and issues we’re solving) is equally relevant for most other current configuration management tools (such as Chef). One of the key challenges for configuration management systems […]

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Facilitating Agility with Transparency

Part of the agile coaching work I do at TIM Group involves running a large number of Retrospectives and the (hopefully only) occasional Root Cause Analysis. Both of these generate actions designed to improve (and/or shore up) our processes so that we are constantly improving. These actions are supposed to […]

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