TIM Group Scala Dojo

TIM Group hosts a monthly Scala Dojo as part of the London Scala Users’ Group on Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/london-scala). The dojo is free to attend with drinks and pizza provided to the participants. The dojo always takes place on the third Thursday of the month in the TIM Group London offices.

The dojo is driven by participant in suggesting and choosing shorter programming challenges and collaboratively finding a solution in smaller groups. The atmosphere is relaxed with a focus on fun and learning. The range of scala skills range from total beginners that heard about scala to seasoned enthusiasts that work with scala. Towards the end of the meetup, the different groups present their work and discuss what they have learned.

Example of programming challenges are:

  • Secret Santa problem where the challenge is to find an algorithm for matching people giving each other gifts. No one should get left out and additionally no should be matched with their spouse.
  • finding an approximation of PI using concurrency with akka.
  • using the coursera Scala survey data to find alternatve stats such as ranking countries based on average perceived difficulty.
  • solving the Data Munging Kata from http://codekata.pragprog.com

I have taken my first steps in Scala in the dojo and found it a great learning experience. The time absolutely flies and you often end up with a great feeling of achievement by the end of the night!

The next Scala Dojo is on Thursday Jan 17th.
I hope to see you there!