Bring The Outside In at TIMGroup

Communication is a core principle of agile methodologies. It’s important for teams to disseminate information well to keep every individual in the team working effectively, and what’s true for the teams is also true for companies. As part of our dedication to learning and growing the best developers at TIMGroup, we actively seek to communicate outside of our own company with other individuals and organizations with whom we hope to exchange ideas. We’ve recently had speakers from Mozilla and Reevoo. We also do developer exchanges as another way to get some of the best ideas from outside of our company, into our company – in a developer exchange, one of us visits you for a day and works with your team, and then one of you returns the favour on another day.

So if you think you could do with a fresh infusion of ideas, and you don’t mind sharing yours, why not get in touch with us here at TIMGroup? We probably have something we can learn from each other.