The Seven Pillars of Agile – Supportive Culture

One in a series on the Seven Pillars of Agile retrospective.

Supportive Culture:

To what extent do you agree that each statement below is true of your team ?

  • Learning

    • Everything we do, we treat as an opportunity to learn

    • We embrace the face that when we a task is completed, we’ll see more clearly what we should have done – and use this to help us see what to do next.

  • Space to Learn

    • We have a ‘No Blame’ culture

    • An appropriate proportion of slack time – to stop, think and experiment

    • We celebrate failure as an opportunity to learn

    • We take appropriate risks

  • Managing Conflicts

    • We avoid allowing conflict to damage the team

      • wasted energy

      • disappointment

      • individuals feeling disengaged from the team effort

    • We extract value from a diversity of opinion

  • Respect

    • I trust my colleagues

    • I feel trusted by my colleagues

    • Our team is trusted by the rest of the business

    • Individuals and the team feel empowered to tackle challenges themselves, without waiting for senior assistance or permission

  • Commitment

    • Each team member is always nudging for improvement

    • We are willing to ask for help, and to give help when asked

    • Whole Team Attitude (we all own the whole product)

    • Permanent Team Attitude (stability, shared history, commitment to a shared future)