The Seven Pillars of Agile – Self-Improvement

One in a series on the Seven Pillars of Agile retrospective.


To what extent do you agree that each statement below is true of your team ?

  • Continuous Improvement

    • We improve ourselves as a team over time

    • Our team supports individual self-improvement

    • We are always open to any new technology or idea that may help us achieve our goals

  • Intentional Practice

    • We read books that inform our work

    • We discuss how we work and consider opportunities for improvement

    • We participate in code katas / code dojos to improve our skills

    • We attend conferences and events where we can learn from experts in our field

    • We contribute to Open Source projects

  • Introspection

    • After any problem, we consider how we could do better next time

    • We hold regular Team Retrospectives, and use them to improve how the team works

  • Balance

    • I maintain motivation in my work

    • I have a sustainable Work/Life balance

    • We have regular slack time, rather than sustaining 100% effort continuously