The Seven Pillars of Agile – Confidence

One in a series on the Seven Pillars of Agile retrospective.


To what extent do you agree that each statement below is true of your team ?

  • Code Confidence

    • Confident that the code actually meets the user requirement

    • Before passing a card on for testing , we are confident that the feature works properly under all likely use cases – not just “done”, but “Done Done”

    • There is no ‘actually, we also need to…’ or ‘other 80% of the work’

    • Zero Bugs process – don’t just fix the bug, fix the process to eliminate the source of the bug

  • Process Confidence

    • We use version control effectively to ensure that we know what we deliver

    • Our Continuous Integration system gives us clear, timely feedback on our code

    • Our progress is transparent to all members of the team and to outside stakeholders

    • We maintain a shared team rhythm, e.g. all being present for the morning standup