Exploiting Lightning Talks For Fun (But Not Profit)

One of the cool things about working at youDevise is the weekly lightning talks, which give you the opportunity to peddle your own open-source projects to a group of attentive, intelligent and (healthily) cynical developers.

In my case I was able to introduce my static analysis tool for Java, called Mutability Detector. The video of the lightning talk is now publicly available (thanks Tom W), which you can watch here or in the embedded player below.


The tool is free, open-source, available from the project home page, while my echoing discussions and descriptions of the tool can be found at the project blog. It’s in a very alpha state, though a colleague here has used it and found it informative. Suggestions, criticisms and bug reports are very welcome!

Okay, so the lightning talks may not offer an opportunity for profit when all you’ve got to give, you give away for nothing, but it is definitely fun!