Hands-On Root-Cause Analysis

I gave a talk on 4 May at SkillsMatter on Hands-On Root-Cause Analysis. You can watch a video of the talk if you missed it.

The Shu-style rules for a great root-cause analysis from the talk:

  1. Target a specific event.
  2. Everyone affected attends.
  3. No blame.
  4. Poll to identify problems.
  5. Write a lot.
  6. Move down, then across.
  7. Doesn’t hurt? You’re not doing it right.
  8. Proportionate tasks.
  9. All tasks done in a week.

The video we used in the talk to drive our root-cause analysis is embedded below.


This was part of Gojko Adzic‘s great series of evening Agile Testing talks. Thanks Gojko!