Insane Continuous Integration Video

We like to think we’re pretty good at continuous integration, and we were feeling rather proud after being able to give some advice to others at CITCON. Hey, we’re doing pretty well on that there CI Maturity Model, eh?

Andy Parker brought us back down with a bump by reminding us that companies who are really slick will never even bother to go to conferences or boast about their amazing skillz in blog posts. The reason is simple: there’s nothing they can learn from anyone else any more, so why bother? The classic example is Google, who apparently know more than anyone else on the planet about running giant server farms, and hardly ever tell anyone how they do it.

So it’s great to get an opportunity to peek under the hood of one company that does certifiably insane continuous integration, IMVU. Check out this hour-long video in which they describe releasing to production 50 times a day with automated rollback when any business metric drops and Stop the Line for every failure. Hmmm, guess we have some more to do – time to go fix that intermittent Javascript hang and find a blade server that comes with four hard drives.