Just finished watching my first pairwithus video. Antony Marcano and Andy Palmer record their pairing sessions as they work on a real project.

First, I have to say this is a really great idea. Many developers will never have seen a real pairing session with Test-Driven Development, autorunning tests, and refactoring tools in use. It’s nice to see someone doing it imperfectly with the usual frustrations and mistakes along the way – I don’t feel so bad about screwing up when I do it myself.

I found a few things in the video confusing at first, especially the background of the project and the tools they’re using. Much of this is explained in the project page and one of Antony’s blog posts but a brief reference to these at the start of each video would help.

I also have to wonder why they’re not using baby steps – in the session I watched, the test bar was red for nearly twenty minutes! Maybe this was an anomaly – they were working on a particularly tricky piece of code that had to ask the operating system for process status (but why not mock that bit?)

Don’t let my quibbles put you off the videos though – they are really great. Next time someone asks me what TDD is, will feature prominently in the answer.