Month: March 2009

Pitfalls of UI automated testing

Alex Verkhovsky describes lots of test-automation lessons in his post on UI automated testing. We’ve learnt most of these the hard way – for instance, we are just beginning to break our dependency on browser-based tests (which are slooooow) and use integration tests that go in just behind the UI. […]

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Pair Rotation

I recently conducted an open session on rotating pairs at XP Day. During the discussion there was mention of Arlo Belshee who conducted an experiment on rotating pairs. In the experiment, Arlo found that rapidly exchanging partners was an extremely quick way to: Produce features Catch defects fast There was […]

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Tuning a Hudson Server Farm

We have a farm of 15-20 continuous-integration servers (depending on how you count) whose job it is to tear apart every checkin and tell us all the bugs in it before customers see them. Hudson does a great job managing the builds and Selenium Grid lets us add and remove […]

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