Eclipse Banking Day

A couple of weeks back I attended Eclipse Banking Day in London. The day was devoted to talking about various Eclipse technologies with a focus on how these technologies can be applied to the financial sector.

My particular interest was in BIRT of which there were two talks. The first talk was about how BIRT was used at the Bank of East Asia. This talk was informative however, I was disappointed that BIRT was used in a simplistic way. My hope was find someone who used BIRT in an advanced way and who may have encountered the same problems I had.

Over lunch I was able to talk to other people who used BIRT in their organisation. It was interesting to find out that we faced the same problems with our BIRT implementation.

The other BIRT talk was presented by a representative from Actuate, the company which created BIRT. This talk gave an overview of BIRT functionality. While the talk covered a lot of the basics. The part which I found most interesting was the demonstration of how to create a custom data source. This is an area which I think we can improve in our use of BIRT. I was encouraged/inspired after the talk for a way to implement this.

The other highlights of the day were:
Eclipse 4.0: The Next Generation of Eclipse
Extensible Banking Platforms with Equinox/OSGi
Modeling Industry Data with Eclipse Modeling Project