SVNKit versus JavaHL

When using the Subclipse plug-in to integrate Subversion and Eclipse, there is a choice of two back-ends: one that uses the native Subversion libraries (JavaHL), and a pure Java implementation (SVNKit). There seems to be a massive memory leak in the SVNKit back-end, and the only available work-around is to switch to the JavaHL back-end in the Window->Preferences->Team->SVN dialog. If the JavaHL back-end is not visible in the “SVN interface” menu, it may need to be installed (available in the same repository from which you installed the Subclipse plugin).

One thought on “SVNKit versus JavaHL”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for reporting this problem. Could you please, if possible, provide more information on that issue, in particular – what version of Subclipse/SVNKit do you use, does memory leak persist with the latest version of SVNKit plug-in (1.2.2) and what rough sequence of operations one have to perform to reveal the leak?

    Thank you very much in advance!
    Alexander Kitaev, SVNKit developer.

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