I like Hudson

Recently I had to add some new tests to our continuous integration test system. I was dreading it given my previous experience with our CruiseControl setup. However, we have been trialling Hudson so this gave me an opportunity to try it out.

And the verdict…..I like Hudson (kinda gave that away already). It was really easy to modify an existing Hudson project to include my tests. Two Hudson features particularly impressed me.

1. Hudson told me right away when I entered in incorrect path to my artifact file. No need to wait until after a build to realise I had made a typo.

Hudson - Artifact path validation

Hudson immediately validates that the path is correct.

2. It is really easy to see the output from the build. I remember bashing my head against a wall for ages just trying to get the same output from CruiseControl.

Hudson - Console Output

Hudson provides the build output right underneath your fingertips.

PS – The magic incantation to see the build output, as CruiseControl runs the build, is to add uselogger="false" to the <ant> tag in your CruiseControl config file.