Making Code Reviews Nicer

We all know doing code reviews is good practise and at youDevise we do various forms of code reviews. Typically a review involves either getting a group of developers together to go through the code changes or grabbing the guy next to you to do a sanity check before you checkin.

While both methods have their advantages I find that I cannot be as thorough because it is not practical to go through the changes line by line. To fill this gap we’ve started to trial using the Review Board code reviewing tool. Review Board lets developers submit their changes for review and lets reviewers go through the changes at their leisure.

A nifty Review Board feature is the ability for reviewers to attach comments to any line of the code being reviewed. This makes it easy for reviewers to provide detailed feedback about the changes.

Review Board comment dialog

youDevisers: See following private post to learn how to log into our own installation of Review Board.

3 thoughts on “Making Code Reviews Nicer”

  1. I have found my web guy is terrific at code review. He found errors that were likely causing small glitches with the search engines. He also does a great job explaining what he does. Want to know the best part? He does not charge for fixing those glitches. But we do lots of work together so it all works out.

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