Lightning Talks

After my recent enthusiasm on the topic, I organized a “lightning talks” session over lunch today. It went even better than I hoped!

We had five presentations:

  • I talked about Testability Explorer
  • Paulo talked about a script he wrote to convert Selenium Core tests to Selenium RC tests
  • Jason talked about “Java Puzzlers vs. Checkstyle” (how Checkstyle can help us catch the type of issues presented in the book)
  • Julian talked about fuzzy logic
  • Andy talked about ‘horizontal vs. vertical slicing’

All of them went really well – I definitely enjoyed the whole thing. We did a quick retrospective afterwards and determined we would start doing them every week, but just block out half an hour over lunch. We liked the format we did and are going to stick with it. Even the ‘hold off all questions until after the whole thing’ went over well – spurs conversations after the meeting.

Overall, I consider the experiment a success!