Coding Dojo V

Recently we had our fifth coding dojo. The format is similar to our previous dojos with the addition of applying the Extreme OO rules.

The challenge was to implement Tic-tac-toe/3D Tic-tac-toe.

Here are the story cards.

Coding Dojo V - Story Cards 1Coding Dojo V - Story Cards 2Coding Dojo V - Story Cards 3

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What Went Well

  • The challenge was good because it lead to lots of domain object.
  • Having a separate monitor for the pilot & co-pilot.
  • Having an on screen timer showing the time remaining.
  • The use of story cards.

What Didn’t Go Well

  • Too much time spent wrangling the Java I/O API.
  • No skeleton structure to give guidance how to solve the challenge, i.e. how to handle input/output.
  • Refactoring code while there are tests still failing


  • Put Kata calculator user story on to (Ben)
  • Automate running of unit tests. (Squirrel)
  • Document machine setup and the need for a skeleton structure. (Tony)
  • Provide skeleton structure for challenge, i.e. to avoid the I/O wrangling experienced in this dojo. (Ian)
  • Consider phrasing story cards from a customer’s perspective.
  • Run next dojo. (Ian)
  • Create reference cards for EasyMock & Eclipse shortcuts. (Ben)
  • Blog about Dojo V (Tony)

Note: All files related to Dojo V is available in Subversion, in the Training project.