Coding Dojo @ MX Telecom

Last week Joel and I went to a coding dojo at MX Telecom. The dojo was in the Randoori Kata style with 7 people participating.

The Setup
The dojo was held in a board room with a big plasma TV for the audience and a monitor for the computer pair. There was also an onscreen timer which counted down the time left for the pair at the computer. I found that this setup worked very well and applied it to our last dojo.

The Challenge
The theme of the dojo was to learn jMock. This meant that we solely wrote unit tests against an existing application, a music player. The organiser provided the following documentation about the music player: MX Telecom Dojo Challenge Documentation. Story cards were used to describe each test which need to be implemented. Interestingly the MX developers got the idea to use story cards from us when they came to our dojo.

The Difference

  • The moderator participated in the dojo. – This didn’t seem to make a difference as the moderator didn’t need to enforce any particular rules.
  • Everyone took turns by going around the table. – I don’t think this was good as we always ended pairing with the same people.

The Conclusion
It was an interesting experience to see how other dojos are run and I feel like I did get something out of it, both in the way learning about jMock and how to run a dojo.