A Day in the Life of a Checkin

A checkin at youDevise has an exciting life – it gets tested by around 18 servers before it’s automatically released to test and production environments! See A Day in the Life of a Checkin for details, as discussed at CITCON Europe 2008.

Do your checkins get fresh air and exercise like this, or are they stay-at-homes who hide their bugs away for another day?

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Checkin”

  1. In the CITCON wiki page, there is a truncated section on Distributed VCS and Continuous Integration.

    I am really curious. Has any one out there successfully used git/Hg/bzr and integrated it into their CI process?

    It seems like there are all sorts of clever options like creating a CI “build pipeline” that automatically merges the successful changes along the way, eventually reaching the “gold standard” repository for releasing, etc.

    Maybe there are other ways to let your DVCS repository topology better mirror your CI process, any thoughts?

  2. Someone may have used distributed version-control in this way, but that someone sure wasn’t in the CITCON session. Only a few people were using git, and they didn’t really use the distributed features at all! There was a central repository to which all pushed changes. Apparently it has some other useful features like better diff handling and that was why it was useful to them.

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