Source control woes

One of my Dev Services task this week was to investigate alternative source control systems to replace the aging CVS. Although the original plan was to move to SVN, it was decided to play around with a few distributed source control systems such as Git, Mercurial and Darcs.

The main metric used for the evaluation was how decent is the Eclipse plugin for the given system and as a playground I’ve used the CruiseMissile project straight from our CVS.

Unfortunately my report is pretty quick: none of the plugins are worth it so far. Although they are in constant development, they are still in a crude alpha state which would be risky for us to rely on. File diff and merging are poorly implemented, and some of the basic features we are used to, from the CVS plugin, are not available yet.

Thus, we are moving to SVN, at least for now. Apparently there are better tools for moving from SVN to some of these distributed systems, so that may still be an option in the future.